You have a jack

You have a jack

Jack 45

People who want to experience a whole new kind of messaging platform – where time is an emotion that they control by sharing it, delivering it and enjoying it – can now head to the App Store or Google Play, and download the unique new no-cost app You Have a Jack.

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About Jack 45

Based in Belgium, Jack 45 was born with the vision of founder Jack Abrams to produce an app that integrates modern technology with the timeless emotion of anticipation — to allow messages to be shared, yet only opened when the sender decides.

Tragically losing both parents in an aviation accident at the age of 2, Jack continually wished there was a way he could have received a future message from his parents in order to know them better. While brainstorming how this could have been achieved, he discovered that the process of sending messages that can only be opened at a later time had much wider possibilities to bring joy to recipients in a wide range of scenarios; adding an extra dimensions to how we enjoy digital moments.

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Time is precious.
So share it, deliver it, enjoy it.

Whether you have seconds, minutes, days, months, years of it, your time belongs to you.
You can’t control time unless you share it with others.

Jack is the tool that allows you to send messages that can only be opened…when you want them to be.

You can send a Jack with text, image and video. Create your message and choose the date and time at which your message can finally be opened: minutes, hours, months or years later. The recipient will receive it instantly but will not be able to open it until your chosen moment.

Who has ever had to wait before opening a message? Waiting, expecting, dreaming.


Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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