Wrong Way
Driver Alert

Wrong way driving averages annually more than 350 deaths on U.S. public highways and Highway Nation, LLC believes they have a solution that is both community driven and automatically detects wrong way drivers. The Wrong Way Driving Alert System is a free app for drivers that can be downloaded to an Apple or Android mobile device and will run in the background.


Alerts you, nearby drivers and the authorities of wrong way drivers.

Texas-Based Highway Nation, LLC, builds mobile application designed to detect wrong-way driving and assist authorities with averting fatalities as a result.

Every year in the U.S. alone, about 400 people lose their lives in wrong way driving accidents on our public highways. Internationally thousands do so. Unlike other collisions, wrong way driving has an almost 100% fatality rate. The Wrong Way Driver Alert system is the worldís first app-based detection system for wrong way driving.

We've developed algorithms that allow us to detect and notify the driver, persons within a 10 mile radius of the driver and highway authorities of a potential wrong way driver. There is a corresponding PFR (Police Fire and Rescue) application that monitors users of this app within their pre-set radius to pick up wrong way driving activity. This application is like car insurance. We may go years without an accident but when one does occur, you're so glad you have it.

The Wrong Way Driver Alert System is in the background on your device quietly but efficiently alerting you to a wrong path or that someone in your vicinity is going the wrong way so you can take necessary steps to avoid a potential collision. You will actually have coordinates of the approximate location of the wrong way driver. Please download the application and help us "Fight Wrong Way Driving the Right Way!"

Download Now

Wrong Way Driver Alert is available now in the App Store and Google Play. iPhone & iPad requires iOS 11.1 or later.