Wonder Painter

Wonder Painter

Beijing Xiaoxiaoniu Creative Technologies Ltd.

People of all ages — from young children to senior citizens and everyone in between — who have ever dreamed of bringing their drawings, paintings or sketches to life, can now turn their fantasy into reality by downloading the delightful and creative new app
Wonder Painter.

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About Beijing Xiaoxiaoniu Creative Technologies Ltd.

Xiaoxiaoniu Creative Technologies is a high-tech company focusing on children’s creativity. Founded by former Microsoft experts in human-computer interaction (HCI), Xiaoxiaoniu develops cutting-edge interactive technologies to offer creative and playful edutainment experiences. Based on our unique Creative AR patented technologies, our products revolutionize today’s AR (Augmented Reality) experience. Without relying on specific cards or props, people of all ages — from children to seniors and everyone in between — can bring literally anything they make or find in the real world, into play with the digital world.


Have you imagined your paintings come alive? Wonder Painter turns whatever you draw into funny animations.

Step 1:
Draw on any piece of paper. Horse, bird, dinosaur, monster, fairy… Just go creative!
Step 2:
Point the camera to your drawing, press the Magic button. Abracadabra! It’s alive!

Try it on clay, toys, or yourself too! With our cutting-edge Creative Augmented Reality technology, Wonder Painter sets free the imagination in every kid and would-be kid :)


Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Video Demo