Up-date: Manage Your Lifestyle

“Up-date: Manage Your Lifestyle” Is The World’s First Dating And Business Relationship Management App For iPhone.

Modern life enables everyone to have wider personal & business connections than ever before. Individuals who desire to manage these relationships in an efficient, yet meaningful way can now download the innovative new must-have app Up-date: Manage Your Lifestyle from Vortex Ventures, Inc. Read the full Press Release


Get the most out of your dating & business relationships

Our innovative prospect management app that empowers users with tools to create, manage and analyze relationships.

FREE for a limited time.

Key features:
> Create profiles for your dating or business prospects
> Schedule dates, meetings and appointments
> Keep track of events and experiences (i.e. swapped numbers, conversation etc.)
> Apply tags and custom color for at-a-glance navigation.
> Import prospects in seconds from your iPhone’s contact app
> Fully featured calendar

***About Up-date: Manage Your Life***
Up-date: Manage Your Lifestyle expands on the functionality available within more traditional contact management apps by allowing users to honestly record a range of important information that is often ignored — or even taboo — but often vital in having effective relationships.

Increase the likelihood of reaching your dating goals:

> Store photographs, contact details and general information.
> Track every encounter and record notes of progress.
> Keep a record of romantic milestones & events; including when you exchange numbers, a first kiss, spend a night together and more.
> Easily evaluate the monetary costs of dating.
> Identify dates with the most potential, and those nearing a dead-end.

Improve the profitability of business relationships:

> Store photographs, contact details and company information.
> Track the monetary value of the business prospect over time.
> Keep a record of potential business and its value.
> Identify the most beneficial business relationships.

***Try Up-date: Manage Your Life Now!***
Up-date: Manage Your Life Is available now and can import your iPhone contacts within seconds. Get started today to improve your dating & business relationships.

Never forget a moment worth saving and add some color to your dating or business lifestyle!

For more details including our private policy, check out http://www.updatemyl.com

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Up-date: Manage Your Life is available now in the App Store. Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Free for a limited time.