Tennis Book

Tennis Book


Tennis Book is a personalized mobile app that offers multiple functions to tennis players and club owners all over the world. It is the first mobile app dedicated to tennis community all over the world.

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Tennis Book is developed by Clickgate Limited, a web and mobile development company located in Nicosia, Cyprus.

A member of the FOCUS-ON Group, Clickgate Limited started its operations in 2011. They provide integrated Internet Marketing services, aiming for effective and efficient online business promotion, as well as expert web, e-commerce and mobile development.

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Tennis Book is a personalised Mobile application for players and Club Owners all over the World.

It offers the fastest and easiest way to track your personal stats, to create a tennis club Ladder, League or Tournament and to contact with tennis players worldwide through your device.

- Create your profile and start adding your scores.
- Share your location and find tennis players close to you that want to share a match with you!
- Chat with them and a new match is about to start!

Do you own a Tennis Club?
Tennis Book is the ultimate tool for you.. Better organize your club requests, improve your communication, and empower people to connect together, communicate online, and collaborate towards higher goals.

- Create your Company profile and then you can invite your members to join your Club and rate it!
- Contact with your members easily and quickly!
- Send instant messages to all your members and keep in touch with them.

Get Tennis Book app today and enjoy the most complete Tennis experience!


Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.