Subway Train Simulator 2D

Subway Train Simulator 2D

Eco City Games

As a passenger, virtually everyone has ridden a subway (a.k.a. metro, underground, tube, etc.) at one time or another. But very few people have ever experienced what life is like for subway train operators, whose job is to keep everyone safe by skillfully navigating their train day after day. While performing that important job takes years of training and testing, now anyone can experience the next best thing by downloading the fun and free app “Subway Train Simulator 2D”.

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About Eco City Games

Daniel Viktorin is based in the Czech Republic. He spent over two years developing Subway Train Simulator 2D, inspired by the mission to improve the public transport theme and make it more enjoyable for players.

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Try an interesting career of a subway train operator and explore 21 varied lines with 89 unique stations on more than 100 kilometers of underground, overground, and underwater rails.

There are a lot of things to do in our game. Earn coins by transporting fully animated passengers to unlock new metro lines and useful train upgrades, get awesome rewards by discovering new stations, change the train paint as you like, explore the city map to get better orientation in this world of subways, level up to attract new passengers, experience a real subway signaling system, and enjoy stunning realistic sounds during driving.

Even though the simulator is not 3D you will be surprised how realistic and simultaneously entertaining the game is. Get on the rails and enjoy the Subway Simulator 2D (the most extensive metro simulation game on the market) right now for absolutely free!

Game features:
- Huge undercity with 89 unique stations on 21 lines to discover
- 3 rail tube types (underground, overground, and underwater)
- Upgrade max speed, acceleration, and brakes to progress faster
- Upgrade your stamina to explore new areas and get closer to the final station
- Meet subway trains going in the opposite direction across the metro system
- Go to a mini paint shop to change the train's paint as you like
- Learn the real subway signaling system (traffic lights)
- Simple controls (power button, brake button, doors button)
- Real ambient train sounds


Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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