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Magiki™ from De Agostini Publishing lets kids choose a unique fairy princess to accompany them to the fabulous world of Magiki™, where they can play 10 exciting, fun, inspiring and creative games filled with wonder and magic. The iOS app features 100% kid-appropriate content, and there are no in-app purchases or data collection of any kind.

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About De Agostini Publishing Italia S.p.A

Magiki™ is a brand created in 2009 by De Agostini Publishing. Magiki™ was born as foilbag toys sold through kiosks. Since its birth, 12 collections have been made, 144 characters have been created, 8 millions of items have been sold, 10 countries have been involved by the Magiki™ success, and more to come.

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Discover ten fantastic games to play with fun characters from the world of Magiki.
Choose a Magiki princess and pets to accompany you on exciting adventures.

The app contains the following Magiki games:
• CUPCAKE PARTY - Feed the pandas
• BATHTIME - Bath your puppy
• BIRTHDAY PARTY - Blow up different coloured balloons
• BASKET OF CARROTS - Collect carrots with the bunny rabbit
• ART SCHOOL - Colour in the horses
• PICNIC TIME - Get rid of the clouds
• HIDE AND SEEK - Find the bunny rabbits among the bushes
• BOUNCE THE BALL - Play ball with the dolphin
• PAINT THE RAINBOW - Colour in the rainbow with the kitten
• HEART COLLECTOR - Collect as many hearts as you can

Includes Magiki characters.
The games are designed for young children and are ideal for keeping them entertained, especially on long journeys!

3 - 6 years old

The games are available in English, Italian, Russian and Polish

This app does NOT ask you to make additional purchases and does NOT collect any data.
Your children won't be able to make unwanted purchases of content or credit, nor will they be able to share information on their activity, where they are or the device they are using.

If your children like this app, please write a review. Or why not give the app as a gift to younger relatives or friends?

• VISIT THE WEBSITE where you can find other games and activities for your little one.


Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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