Happy Juul

Happy Juul

The Happy Juul Company

Happy the circus dog, Rainbow giraffe, Lila the bird, Ducky (the duck!) and more fun characters are brightening up iMessage conversations around the globe, as The Happy Juul Company are proud to announce the launch of their new iOS Sticker App “Happy Juul”.

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About The Happy Juul Company

Evening after evening we would repeatedly tell our daughter our invented stories about an unforgettable clever circus dog and his friends. This combination of a child’s passion for fantasy stories and a family that wants to make a difference is the root and fire that started building The Happy Juul Company.

Learn more: http://www.happyjuul.com


These 15 stickers are based on the characters from The Happy Juul Company's Happy Juul & Friends books. They are cute, cuddly and lots of fun!

And with in-app purchase you can enjoy 100 more stickers that are colorful and cute for all your iMessaging needs!

Invite your friends to do sports with a cool sports sticker!

Let your better half know that you are on the way home with just one click.

Or are you home cooking, cleaning or doing some other daily activity? We also have stickers for that!

Express your emotions in a more colorful way with our Rainbow Giraffe!

Download now and have fun!

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