Miles Hitcham

FairOption, the acclaimed app that helps traders and investors take advantage of the flexibility, diversity, control, and portfolio protection of holding a position in stock or index options, is now available in a new version that provides support for later iPhone screen sizes and iOS versions.

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About Miles Hitcham

Miles Hitcham has been closely associated with all kinds of financial and other software development for over 30 years, and has also been involved in stock and option trading since the early 1980s. In October 1987, Miles designed a Stock Market Portfolio Manager software package that was featured on the front cover of the top-selling Atari ST User magazine. He was next heavily involved in the development of a real-time price and option trading software solution that was successfully marketed by the London International Stock Exchange.

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Fast, portable option price calculations using the efficient and long established, Nobel prize-winning Black-Scholes model.

< Use of the more flexible Binomial lattice mathematical model when preferred. (With a fully adjustable number of accuracy time-steps)

< Drill-down with a single tap into any call or put option in order to see its Greek sensitivities. (Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega, Rho, Omega, Volga . . etc.)

< An absolute minimum of required input, and no need to manually calculate option expiry periods or dates, or manually download any spreadsheets with their inherent risks.

< Full innovative use of Apple’s Core Data technology and animated dynamic display techniques. And with all screens working equally well in both portrait and landscape orientations.

In fact, landscape mode then displays even more (7) scrollable expiry date columns as standard.

< Both Monthly and Weekly options can be priced, as can American and European exercise-style options, . . . and all, either with or without dividends.

< Fast, flexible and controllable updating capability over the internet of the underlying security prices. (Either manually or automatically 'as and when' required)

< Ability to easily verify and compare FairOption’s pricing model results against standard external systems and example calculations.

Also comes with a useful minimum example set of working data and a useful, integrated, comprehensive off-line User Guide (which can easily be printed out from within the App if required.)

With FairOption, you can not only price one option possibility . . . but you are quickly able to see a fully adjustable lattice of options into which you can drill-down further into any one.

< There is also an added ability to quickly adjust the resulting table's strike price interval 'on-the-fly' and the capability to rapidly base all the theoretical option price results automatically on very recent underlying stock levels.

< The whole app was designed and coded by a seasoned and experienced developer, involved in financial software design and option trading since the 80's. He is also a key individual who has been involved in developing real-time price investment software which was marketed by the London International Stock Exchange.

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