Cat Crisis: Arcade Shooter

Cat Crisis: Arcade Shooter


For what could be a first in the history of app gaming, up to 9 gamers can experience co-operative, simultaneous gameplay (8 controllers + 1 finger swipe) by downloading the unique, fun and massively addictive new first person shooter (FPS) game Cat Crisis: Arcade Shooter by KLNK Inc.

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About KLNK Inc

KLNK Inc. was formed by game and movie industry veterans in sunny Southern California to create innovative mobile apps and games. Eloquent imagination combined with a "Never Follow" attitude is what drives KLNK to bring unique and novel concepts into reality.

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Based on revolutionary patent pending technology, you and up to 8 friends must stand together as mankind’s last hope against super intelligent cats that have occupied Earth.

Liberate famous landmarks in this action packed first person shooter (FPS). It won’t be easy as the cats have donned fruit helmets and are armed to the teeth to disband the last human resistance. You thought it was funny uploading pictures of your cat with an orange peel on his head as a helmet? Well, the cats are the ones laughing now!

Play solo via Finger Blade mode on compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch models. Or use a compatible iPhone or iPod Touch as controller and connect to iPad or Mac as console and unleash the full potential of your arsenal! Remember, when the going gets tough, launch that WMD at the cats!

To truly experience the world of Cat Crisis, engage in multi-player mode, where up to 9 players (8 controllers +1 finger swipe) can play together at the same time by connecting their compatible iOS device to the console at any time during game play. When the enemies have 9 lives, we tried to even the odds a little for mankind!

Further, trigger the exclusive "Slo-Mo" special power right from your Apple Watch and give yourselves an extra edge against the cats! Note: The Cat Crisis Apple Watch app requires the paired iPhone to be in Cat Crisis Controller Mode with an active connection to a Cat Crisis Console.

Perfect for any occasion, play solo during short breaks or gather some people and play at dorm rooms, house parties, company retreats, heck, even boring Monday morning boardroom meetings.

*Direct Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity will be supported in a future Cat Crisis update allowing connectivity without the need for Wi-Fi routers.
**New Apple TV/tvOS version coming soon.


Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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