Bonafeyed Keyboard

Bonafeyed Keyboard

Bonafeyed, LLC

Bonafeyed introduces the Bonafeyed Keyboard for iPhone and iPad, a unique data security technology that enables users to manage the privacy and security of their digital content. Once installed, users can encrypt text information in nearly all iOS applications.

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About Bonafeyed, LLC

Bonafeyed makes privacy personal. Our super simple key management and patented steganography technology bring the ancient science of encoding hidden messages to the Internet age, empowering everyone to manage the privacy and security of their IoT, business, and personal data.

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Bonafeyed gives you back control of your Internet privacy. The Bonafeyed app and components allow you to privatize your emails, notes, and posts.

Bonafeyed uses cryptography to provide privacy for your Internet activities. Whether you send emails, post on social media sites, or store files in the cloud, Bonafeyed privatizes your content and makes sure that only you and others you identify can see your info. For everyone else, including server administrators, hackers, employers, governments, and advertisers your information stays private.

As a Bonafeyed user you decide which friends can view your content. (Bonafeyed supersedes any other privacy settings.)

Access to privatized content through the Bonafeyed app is automatic. Simply include your friends in your group and they will be able to see your content.

About Bonafeyed:

Social media, emails, messages, chat rooms, cloud storage, proprietary/professional data… : Bonafeyed, LLC set out to change the way you share and communicate by giving you back the ownership and control of your own content.

Developer Website: Twitter account @bonafeyednews


-Keyboard - use the keyboard to privatize/de-privatize text content in every iPhone app.
-Guest access - immediately protect your content from data mining.
-Create an account for additional features
-We don’t keep your email address. We send you an email to validate your account activation, but we don’t store your address. This means that we can’t contact you for any reason. You need to follow us on Twitter or check the Bonafeyed website to know the latest news.
-Of course, since we don’t store your email address, we can’t spam you, sell your email, or leak it to hackers.
-Cloud servers can’t mine your Bonafeyed privatized emails and files.
-Cloud companies don’t have your pictures or messages in a form that is useful for resale or republication. Information on the cloud servers is privatized.
-You can create and remove groups of friends whenever you want.
-You can add and remove friends from groups at any time – even after the privatized content has been uploaded, posted, or sent.
-When you browse Facebook via the Bonafeyed app, content is automatically decrypted for you and you are able to post privatized comments.


-iOS 9+


Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.