BattleSuit Runner Fitness

BattleSuit Runner Fitness™

Olive Seraph LLC

New free and paid BattleSuit Runner Fitness™ apps from Olive Seraph, LLC are the most innovative additions to the “gamification of fitness” trend that is blurring the lines between exercise and entertainment. The player’s speed changes, sprints, and battlesuit upgrades affect the storyline and battles as the adventure unfolds through their headphones during workouts, integrating their music playlist into the gameplay.

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About Olive Seraph LLC

Olive Seraph, LLC designs and develops mobile apps that gamify fitness to rock the distinction between exercise and entertainment.

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Put on your headphones, select your workout time and music playlist (automatically integrates into the game), and begin walking, jogging, or running as the story and battles unfold based on your speed. You’ll be prompted to slow down, speed up, and even sprint in order to affect the outcome of each mission. After each workout, use resources collected to upgrade your BattleSuit’s capabilities for the next mission!

BattleSuit Runner Fitness is a new, super-interactive story running fitness app. It’s part sci-fi adventure game, part GPS fitness trainer, part choose your own adventure—all for just a fraction of the cost of a single fitness class or session with a personal trainer!


iOS version requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Android version requires Android 2.3.3 or later.

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