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For the vast majority of people, understanding and deciphering complex and confusing food label ingredients is impossible, and often leads to making eating choices that aren’t aligned with their weight management and wellness goals — or are just plain unsafe and hazardous to their health. Finally, this common problem has a brilliant solution: the innovative new Whatsinit? app from Two Docs Ltd.

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About Two Docs LTD

Based in London, UK, Two Docs Ltd. founders Temi Alanamu and Rob Renton are extremely passionate about demystifying food ingredients. Their mobile app Whatsinit? allows everyone to quickly and easily understand what they eat, to support medical or lifestyle goals and healthier food consumption.

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Know your food in 12 words or less
Do you know what the ingredients on food labels mean? Now you can. Whatsinit? is the new, free app that lets you discover what’s really in your food.

Our extensive database of over 25 food categories includes a complete list of additives including sweeteners, colours, preservatives, and other fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, dairy, fats, proteins and much more.

Take the guess work out of choosing food
Whether you want to know quickly the meaning of one ingredient or a list of 50, Whatsinit? provides simple, researched, jargon-free information on all things food ingredients.

What you get
All ingredients are colour-coded so you can identify their safety at a glance.
Ingredients are explained with an easy, jargon-free description of no more than 12 words.
You can choose to read a short, detailed description that includes aliases, nutrients and potential side effects.
If you still want to know more, a one-tap link will take you directly to google search results.
Stay up date with the latest in food, health, wellness and exercise with our in-app blog that is written by qualified professional and updated four times a week.

How it works
To find ingredients, type the name or use the predictive suggestions.
You can also tap the microphone to say an ingredient or take a picture of an ingredients label.
You can avoid any ingredient, list of ingredients or entire food groups by using the allergies, intolerances and dislikes (aid) function.
Save anything you find and share across social media.

No one else does it
Free- The app is completely free.
We have an extensive ingredients database and each ingredient has been explained by qualified professionals in the food and health industry.
All research was carried out by Whatsinit? so our information is not available anywhere else.
You can find ingredients and their meaning quickly and easily.

Take back control
Download Whatsinit? and take the guesswork out of choosing food for good.

Who we are
Whatsinit? was created by a couple who wanted to eat healthier but soon realised that most ingredients labels are too complex to understand.

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