Intellection Studio

Staring at the same wallpaper day after day gets boring, and browsing through an endless range of wallpaper possibilities is time consuming and tedious. Now, there’s a unique new app that solves both of these problems, while also giving people a way to transform their wallpaper into a fun communication device to connect with friends: Wallswapp.

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About Intellection Studio

Intellection Studio was founded in Kazakhstan in 2015 by world cup winning programmer with Silicon Valley experience. Our team consists of 15 highly dedicated and professional members including designers, project managers and software developers. Our vision is to make our country famous by providing digital solutions for the global audience. Our projects include mobile apps, websites and desktop apps, using latest technology trends like VR, AR and Machine Learning. We love mobile apps, and yes, we believe that we all live in VR.

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Welcome to Wallswapp!

The app that let’s you swap out a friend’s wallpaper and replace it with any image you choose!

- Anytime. Change your friends’ wallpapers, whenever you want!

- Prank your friends. Upload a funny image or embarrass them in a meeting

- Romantic gestures. Surprise someone you love with a romantic image!

- Steal and swap. Steal your friend’s wallpaper from their phone or swap it with yours!

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