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Type Nine


After two long years in the making, worldwide fans of Rasmus Porsager’s must-have productivity app Type Nine Keyboard -- as well as iPhone and iPad users that have yet to discover why the app is hailed as “the ultimate iOS keyboard” – can now head to the App Store and download the latest and by far the greatest version.

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About Porsager

Based in Denmark, Rasmus Porsager is an inventor, designer and app developer who focuses on creating solution that improves peoples’ lives, and enables them to enjoy more fun and freedom.

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Type Nine Keyboard Has Been Called “The Ultimate iOS Keyboard”!

> World’s 1st Keypad Layout with Swiping
> Supports 34 Languages + All iOS Emojis & Smileys
> Automatically Suggests Best-Fit Words & Phrases
> Latest Version is 8x Faster
> Easy-to-Use Tutorials
> Supports Apple’s VoiceOver

***About Type Nine Keyboard***
Type Nine Keyboard is the world’s very first keyboard app that combines t9 keypad layout with swiping. In just a few minutes, you’ll be AMAZED at how much faster, easier and more accurately you can type!

***Supports 34 Languages***
Type Nine Keyboard supports 34 different languages (see full list below). You’ll never have to switch keyboards when you need to type in a different language or alphabet. You’ll also get automatic word suggestions in your target language, and can add new words to the dictionary in seconds. The app also makes sure that the most frequent words you type are always suggested first.

***Effortless Editing***
Editing is also a breeze thanks to the incredible swipe cursor move and swipe deletion functionality (by the sentence, word or by the letter). You can even re-size the keyboard for one-handed typing – which is ideal if you use an iPhone 6 plus or iPad.

***Apple VoiceOver Support***
The app has full support for VoiceOver, which is an Apple-developed accessibility feature (a11y) for blind, low vision, and visually-impaired users. When this feature is enabled, you will hear which key your finger is on, and can type accordingly.

***Multiple Themes***
Enjoy a selection of easy-to-change themes to suit your mood and preference.

***Get Started Quickly***
Easy-to-follow tutorials make it simple to get started and take advantage of the various tools and functions.

***Faster & Improved Layout***
The latest version is 8x faster, and is designed with a re-imagined interface that is crisp, colorful, and intuitively lays out information and buttons.

***Supported Languages***
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Danish, French, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Greek, Romanian, Bosnian, Catala, Czech, Basque, Finnish, Irish, Croatian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovak, Slovene, Albanian, Swedish, Serbian latin, Serbian cyrillics, Bulgarian, Scottish Gaelic, Galician, and Manx. Users are invited to contact the developer to request new languages.

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