Track Mobile Phone

Track Mobile Phone

Phone Tracker Productions

Phone Tracker Productions announced today that it has launched its new no-cost app Track Mobile Phone, which lets users easily track the location of one or more of their contacts anytime, and anywhere.

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About Phone Tracker Productions

Phone Tracker Productions is based in Nuremberg, Germany and founded by experienced developer Niklas Reuter. Developing mobile software for several years, Niklas is steadily building a portfolio of well received apps.


• Easy location tracking of one or more contacts:
The contacts must have installed the app, too. Through the app you can send requests for location sharing to defined contacts and groups. You can choose from your mobile contacts of the android address book - the groups from there where also read in by the app and can be used there. The Sharing of location (usually GPS-based) can also be disabled easily at every time - either for every single contact or for all contacts together. The app shows also, when a contact last used the app - when he was last online - and shows also the time when a location was last sended and the accuracy of a location. The tracking is done through GPS or through another method choosen by you. Android offers other, non-GPS-based methods which you can choose.

• Easily invite friends:
Contacts/Friends can easily be invited to download the app, too. Possible ways to invite them are for example Whats App, SMS, E-Mail etc. The more contacts have installed the "Track Mobile Phone"-App, the more possibilities there are.

• Get notified when contacts arrive:
You can create notification zones with location and radius and assign contacts to them. When one of the assigned contacts enters or leaves (you can choose) the zone, you will be notified accustically and visually by the app. Usually the contact should have GPS enabled therefore. So you do not have to wait long if a contact arrives late and are more flexible.

• Send emergency call in desperate situations:
If you come into a desperate situation, for example if you have a accident or you get lost and nobody is near, you can fast and easily send an emergency call to selected contacts with the "Track Mobile Phone"-App that they can help you. Your location is included in the emergency call so you can be located by others. Therefore you should enable your GPS. Additionaly the emergency call can also be sent by SMS so that the receiver not even have to install the app to get informed - he only must own a cell phone.

• Chat-Function:
The "Track Mobile Phone"-App has also a chat function so you can there directly coordinate with your contacts. You can chat with single contacts or with whole groups to coordinate meeting places and all the other things.

• No user account needed
To use the app you don`t need a user account like in many other apps. You are indentified by your mobile number. You must verify it when you first launch the app - but it goes all automatically, no further unnecessary account with username and password needed. The data of the app which goes over network will be encrypted though. So your privacy is protected best.