The Blue Pine and the Apple Tree

The Blue Pine and the Apple Tree

Emilio Aguirre

Parents in search of an interactive book app for their child that superbly combines imagination with education, can now head to the App Store and download The Blue Pine and the Apple Tree by developer Emilio Aguirre.

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About Emilio Aguirre

Based in Montreal, Canada, Emilio is a talented software engineer with over 6 years experience working in the games industry for companies including Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Hibernum Creations and Ludia Inc.

Sparked by a long held desire to create a 3D short for his children, Emilio has passionately created "The Blue Pine and the Apple Tree” as an interactive book to be enjoyed by his children and those around the world.

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This interactive book application it's an adaptation of a popular tale with a Canadian touch! It describes the adventures of a little apple tree that lived in the center of an enchanted forest surrounded by tall pine trees.

One of them was the Extraordinary Blue Pine, the tallest and oldest pine tree in all the region. He was so tall that he could touch the twinkle stars at night and during stormy days he could draw beautiful designs with the clouds that passed over him.

The little apple tree admired all the deeds that the Blue Pine was able to do, and he dreamed to touch the stars like him. But he realized that he was so little compared to the other trees in the forest. So he tried different ways to catch them but he always failed...

But one day he discover a secret that help him to juggle with the stars and changed his live forever.