Stamp Music Importer

Stamp Music Importer

STAMP Software LTD

While music tastes and preferences vary -- often leading to some of the most heated debates (read: flame wars) that the web has ever seen -- there’s one thing that bonds hundreds of millions of music lovers across the world: a unified hatred of having to manually move tracks and playlists between the ever-growing roster of music services.

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About STAMP Software LTD

Based in Berlin, and founded by brothers Michal and Bartosz Hernas along with colleague Krzysztof Kaczor, Stamp Software Ltd are a passionate team of developers who have created cutting-edge tools to transfer music & playlists between mainstream streaming services, including: Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music & YouTube.

Developed due to overwhelming end-user demand, Stamp Music Importer is constantly evolving and available now for Mac, Windows and iOS.

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Free your music!

Stamp moves all your songs and playlist across various services:

You can import from:
- Spotify
- Google Play Music
- YouTube
- Apple Music

all your songs to:
- Apple Music
- Google Play Music
- Spotify
- Excel (CSV)

We are working really hard on imroving user experience, thank you for being with us!

In you want to send us feedback or report bug,
please contact us on


Requires iOS 9.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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