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While employers who need temporary help and job seekers looking for a contract or project-based opportunity have different needs, there’s a singular, unifying goal that brings an overwhelming number of them together: they want to liberate themselves from having to deal with costly and inefficient temporary recruitment agencies. And enabling them to achieve this goal is what the revolutionary new no-cost app Recruit Me is all about.

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About Recruit Me

Located in Surrey, England and founded by Max Bruffell and Callum Dessent, Recruit Me has a mission to make it easier and cheaper for people to find work and cut unemployment rates worldwide.

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Right Job meets the Right Candidate with RecruitMe app.
Job seeking and recruitment are equally daunting tasks on the opposite ends of a rope. While the former needs long days waiting, numerous applications and a stunning bio; the later needs heavy investments, reliable contacts and maybe collaborating with a recruitment agency. RecruitMe app is a “marketplace” for temporary / permanent job seekers, freelancers and potential employers to have a streamlined exchange of job requirements and job recruitment, right from their phones.

From finding day jobs to small gigs in various fields ranging from plumbing to designing; and hiring sales assistants to full-time software developers, RecruitMe app has it all. With an intuitive interface capable of accommodating employers and employees from the surrounding localities, the app allows the employer to post an ad specifying the job position, wage rates, skills and other parameters which is publicly available to the job seekers within the app. In less than 15 seconds, the employees can post their availability, experience and skills via an ad of their own. This streamlined process enables easy communication between the two parties using the in-built messaging system; bringing them in direct contact while avoiding the long and costly procedures and hassles.

RecruitMe has some amazing features:
1. Easy and separate login for employers and employees.
2. Facebook connect for easy accessibility.
3. Post ads in just 15 seconds to show your availability and requirements.
4. A streamlined search available for both recruiters and job seekers.
5. Find ads based on the availability of dates, distance, location and skills.
6. Get the best suggestions over prospective vacancies and candidates available nearby.
7. Employers and Employees can mutually like each other’s ads and add them to private contacts.
8. Contact each other through a seamless internal messaging system to share files and other details.

With the app currently available in the UK, US and spreading out to other parts soon enough, it’s time to get you featured on this new marketplace for jobs and recruitment: RecruitMe!

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