PS: Post Scriptum

PS: Post Scriptum

Salutis systems, a.s.

To prevent data breaches and privacy leaks, large organizations invest heavily in end-to-end mobile device security. However, people using their personal device also need robust enterprise-grade protection from snoopers, hackers and cyber criminals. Now, that’s exactly what they’ll get thanks to the must-have new app PS: Post Scriptum.

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About Salutis systems, a.s.

Salutis systems, a.s. is a Slovak-based ltd company established in 2014 with main activities in the field of cryptographic research and development. We have developed our own encryption system, Salutis Encryption System (SES), which has been successfully tested for the sole purpose of maximizing the security level. SES contains our unique elliptic curve developed in-house, meeting the strictest security criteria.

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Post Scriptum - PS: secures your files and communication with the most advanced encryption system available in the market. Full anonymity, 100% security, ultimate privacy. Your photos, PDFs, passwords and communication fully encrypted at one place.