My Mechanic

My Mechanic

TBD Limited

Available now for iPhone, TBD Limited are proud to announce the launch of “My Mechanic” — the revolutionary location-based way for motorists to connect with a network of skilled mechanics in real-time.

Offering a 24-7 service, motorists can obtain roadside or home assistance in seconds for all types of vehicle, including cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks. Mechanics can be found based on the service required and GPS allows users to see their distance to the mechanic, and even see the mechanics live location as their are en route to assist.

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About TBD Limited

Based in London, UK TBD Limited are focussed on connecting motorists to mechanics, ensuring automobile services are more accessible for end users.

With an ever-expanding network of service providers, their iOS app “My Mechanic” — a service to connect motorists to mechanics in real-time — has received favourable reviews worldwide.

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