Mount Burnmore

Mount Burnmore


When it comes to wearable gaming apps, many Apple Watch users so far have been pretty underwhelmed instead of totally impressed. Well, that’s all changed, because developer Sydvesti has just released what could be the most interesting, challenging and creative Apple Watch game to date: Mount Burnmore.

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About Sydvesti

Located in Helsinki, Finland, Sydvesti is a passionate two-person indie studio focussing on the development of engaging games and apps for iOS and watchOS.

Sydvesti's aim is to create innovative & unique apps to support and reward a healthy lifestyle, with their launch title "Mount Burnmore" praised for gamifying fitness by converting real-life active energy into game energy.

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Mount Burnmore is a phenomenal puzzle game for Apple Watch that transforms your active energy into game energy!

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> “Love the Concept” – Apple WatchCast Review
> Blends Wearable Tech with Gamification
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***About Mount Burnmore***
Mount Burnmore is a phenomenally unique game that transforms your active energy (your calories burned as registered by your Apple Watch Activity App) into game energy, which you use to rotate blocks that clear a route to the top of a mountain. The more active energy you generate, the more game energy you’ll have to play!

***Challenging & Fun***
You can compete against others in ongoing flag challenges, which unlocks new mountains to climb. There are also daily challenges to win useful game items, like a pickaxe to smash away blocks. You can also climb the Game Center leaderboard to be the best of the best!

***You’ll Love Mount Burnmore!***
People around the world love how Mount Burnmore uniquely blends state-of-the-art wearable technology, with fun and exciting gamification. You’ll get fit as you have fun!

***Safe & Secure***
Mount Burnmore integrates the Apple Watch Activity App to access your active energy data. This is only done with your permission. We never share your data with any third party, or use it for any other purpose than to play the game.

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