Peter Cholewinski

Many years ago, Tetris captured the minds and hearts of millions of gamers worldwide, and forever changed the gaming landscape. Since then, countless games have attempted – and failed -- to capture that glorious essence. The reason? They’ve tried to duplicate an idea from the past, rather than create something fresh and exciting for a new generation of modern gamers. Fortunately, there are exceptions to every trend, because Peter Cholewinski has finally done what hundreds of game developers before him have failed to accomplish: create a game that pays homage to Tetris in spirit, but delivers something totally unique, new and addictively fun: GRIDS.

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About Peter Cholewinski

Peter Cholewinski is an independent developer working a variety of iOS applications, primarily focusing on unique games. His background is in computer science with several years of professional experience in the software industry.


Stack blocks - clear lines! THE famous game, but completely different.

Play 81 different levels with small to large blocks, big arenas or small arenas.

3 basic, new play modes make sure your block stacking never gets boring!

Play each level as often as you want for a new high score, or free all levels from monsters that you can only defeat, once you figure out what line clearing combo hurts them!

It is addictively fun!

It offers 81 levels, each featuring unique designs and coming with various sized figures (3, 4, or 5 bricks - and in later worlds even more). Even more, there are various game modes with line clearing, color clearing, linked grids, and more variations.

- 81 unique levels (grids) to play

- each level has its own design and game play

- you start with three unlocked levels, and as you play you gain experience which then unlocks the higher levels

- more than 10 different game modes (e.g., row/line clearing, color matching of squares, linked grids)

- blocks/figures start with each 3 or 4 bricks, but in higher levels get much more challenging with 6, 7, or 8 parts: all designed to still make it addictively fun to play

- in addition, each grid hosts a monster that can only be defeated with a unique tactic (clear rows in a certain way!)

- almost 100 items to use during game play; attainable during game play as loot or in the shop

- those items help you solve puzzles and other obstacles, making Grids even more fun

- great music, with more than 60 tunes

- many, many more features, bringing you fun for hours

Controls are super easy:
- swipe to move falling block
- tap to rotate block
- use cool additional functions at the bottom that you can activate on the items screen (you start with one free item, but get more during gameplay or in the shop)

HINT on monsters: you can defeat the monsters using a specific tactic, meaning clear lines in a certain way. For instance, for the very first would try clearing exactly 3 lines at a time and see what happens. In other levels the "formula" to kill monsters changes: it might be exactly 2 lines or exactly 3 lines at a certain height - so you might have to deliberately create holes in your stacking to defeat. It is not easy and can be hard to find out, but there is a way for every monster.


Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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