EddyPaddy Kids World

EddyPaddy Kids World


Parents who want to educate, inspire and entertain their kids through the power of mobile technology – yet at the same time, protect them from inappropriate content and unauthorized usage – can now download the groundbreaking new app EddyPaddy Kids World.

Developed by Educren, the creator of EddyPaddy Kids Tablet computer, EddyPaddy Kids World instantly allows parents to transform their Android tablet or smartphone into a safe and secure device suitable for babies, toddlers, children and tweens.

Available to download now!

About Educren

Educren (an amalgamation of education, creativity and entertainment) is based in USA and India and consists of a group of parents with professional careers in technology and design who are excited by the educational possibilities in the touchscreen world.

With a philosophy to provide children with fun, entertaining and educational apps that provide all the skills necessary at their age group, Educren build apps that provide engagement, discovery and creativity as a vital part of children's learning and growth.

Ecucrens goal is to create an experience that’s nutritious – one that will help children grow. Which is the benchmark against everything they make.

Learn more: http://www.eddypaddy.com


* From the makers of EddyPaddy Kids Tablet computer!* comes Kids World app that turns your smartphone/tablet computer instantly into a kid safe tablet computer/phone.
Using EddyPaddy Kids World App, Parents can provide a safe and secure environment for their kids, tweens, toddlers and babies to learn, play and create with age appropriate quality content. It’s perfect for any family as it provides multiple profiles!
No more accidental unauthorized In App Purchases, social media postings, SMS’s, email, inappropriate content or clicking on unnecessary spammy ads!
Launch EddyPaddy Kids World and simply follow the onscreen prompts to register and customize the environment for your kids. In case of issues, kindly contact us on [email protected]

Kid Mode:
Contains three homescreens, Education, Creativity and Entertainment, across which child-friendly content that is prepopulated as well as assigned by parents can be enjoyed by kids.
Contains kid browser with pre-filtered websites and video player with pre-filtered videos.

Parent mode:
Allows parents to use their phone and tablet without worrying about their kids having access to their messages and content.
Under Parental Dashboard, parents/teachers can do the following
1. Setup Individual Profiles: Parents can add up to three kids profiles with their own individual settings or remove them. It's like each kids having their own device with their own profile
2. Customise the Kid safe interface by using the Web and App Filtering system which allows them to choose the apps and websites that are relevant for kids ensuring that kids always play with relevant content
3. View insights in each profiles that help them see where their kids spend time on and how they are doing thereby assisting in gauging the aptitude of the child
4. Timers in each profiles so that parents can control on the time of day they can use the tablet/Phone and how long they can use the tablet along with custom times for each category: Entertainment, Creativity and Education
5. Assign relevant apps downloaded from Google play store and other stores to kids world or change the assigned categories.
6. Kids World automatically scans each downloaded app to check if it’s a kid app or parent app and takes appropriate actions

EddyPaddy Kids World can be used on multiple devices making it the most affordable multiple profile, kid safe, kid lock interface for parents.
Kids World content would be continuously updated so please stay in touch!
Note that default password to enter Parent Mode is "Z"

Keep up on EddyPaddy Kids World:
Web: http://bit.ly/1dHlci2
Google Plus: http://bit.ly/1deGTtm
Facebook: http://bit.ly/1iBb2Ea
Instagram: http://bit.ly/1iBb2Ea
Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1dHl1Dj

Available in many languages, if you find your language/device is not supported, kindly contact us at [email protected]

Customer feedback received during trials:
Great resource for parents and teachers to ensure that kids are only playing apps that are of appropriate age and difficulty as well as ensuring that the kid cannot exit their environment!
Videos and kid browser along with apps really make for a powerful, fun and SAFE experience for kids!
Great app. Turns my phone into a toddler tablet. Let's my son play his games without getting out of the "sandbox" and keeps him off the internet
This is great. All my child’s content in one place in their own profiles
Great app for schools as well to provide kids with their own profiles. I wish they could do this for iPad as well
I don’t need to worry anymore on what my kids get access to. They got a load of Cool Math Games to play with
A great way for kids to enjoy apps, Free Kids Games, websites and videos in their own profiles without letting them get exposed to inappropriate content!
Does not allow kids to download or buy new apps or do in app purchases
Wonderful! There's no way for kids to get out of this like other parental control apps

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