Easy Playlist

Easy Playlist

Easy Playlist

New app ‘Easy Playlist’ offers a quick and easy way to build playlists from the music stored on a user’s iPhone. Simple selection and filtering tools give users the customizability needed to find the music they love and listen to it time and time again.

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About Easy Playlist

Easy Playlist is the work of independent developer, Tom Berry. Tom was inspired to develop the app after realizing how difficult it was to find music he wanted to listen to on his iPhone. Put off by having to select ‘shuffle’ all, or laboriously construct his own custom playlist, he knew there could be a better way – and Easy Playlist was born.

Learn more: http://www.easyplaylistapp.com


Easy Playlist is the quickest and easiest way to build awesome playlists from the music stored on your iPhone.

Simply select a few artists, albums or genres or use our advanced options for even greater control. Save your playlists and listen time and time again!

There are a lot of playlist apps on the App store that are complicated and hard to use.
This one isn't. It's quick and asks as little of you as possible.
You know which music you like the best - use this app to quickly find it.

Key features
- Find your favourite artists, albums and genres and add them together
- Limit your playlist to a single track per artist or album to keep it varied
- Filter by last played or play count to prioritise your favourite music
- Choose tracks of a certain length to suit your mood
- Pick tracks from certain years to get your nostalgia fix!
- Save playlists you've created and play them time and time again
- Includes an in-built music player with all the functionality you'd expect
- Even the name is simple!

Why I created this app
I have a lot of music on my phone which makes it hard to find the tracks I love the most.
The 'top 25' most played is a start, but it's dominated by just a handful of my favourite artists.
I don't want to find NEW music - I just want to reclaim the music I already have.
If this sounds like you then give the app a try. It's free after all!


Requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.