Prodigal Creative LLC

Worldwide fans of Prodigal Creative LLC’s insanely fun, creative and unique drinking game app Drink-O-Tron can re-fill their glasses for two cheerful reasons: the launch of new game decks, and for the first time ever Android users can join the never-ending Drink-O-Tron party.

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Available to download now!

About Prodigal Creative LLC

Incorporated in 2011 and located in Los Angeles, California, Prodigal Creative LLC focus on mobile party games to promote social interaction and be a welcome addition to any fun occasion.

Learn more: http://www.drinkotron.com


- Play Drinking Games on your phone! ANYWHERE!
- Includes FREE Bonus Packs!
- Better than a regular deck of cards!
- Download it TODAY!

Get ready for the GREATEST DRINKING GAME of all time!!!

Waterfall? Thumb Master? Make A Rule? Categories?

Simply press the button to draw a card, and do whatever that card says!

We took the best parts of every drinking game and brought them all together!!!

Load up your deck with a variety of cards and enjoy! Looking to get a quick buzz? Load up the Drunkard and Tipsy packs! Playing with your crush? Well the Flirty pack better be included! Mix and match, or load them all up for the ultimate experience!

There are 25 cards available for FREE upon downloading the app, and 15 packs are available for only 99 cents. We also have a VIP: All Access Pass for only $4.99 that unlocks EVERY pack! So please, join us and have fun with this game as we grow!

**If you have trouble downloading the VIP Access or Restoring Purchases, try these tips!
-Connect via WiFi
-Make sure you have at least 125 MB available
-Re-Install the app and Restore Purchases

Please visit our website if you have any suggestions to improve the game!



Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Video Demo