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The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that more than half the labor force will be contract workers in the near future. But while the gig economy has lured everyone from programmers to designers and writers with the promise of flexible hours and the ability to work from anywhere, the reality is, most people just aren't used to managing their time efficiently. Enter Completo, the only task app created by freelancers, for freelancers.

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About My Gung Ho, LLC

My Gung Ho is a developer of apps that take proven Fortune 50 business strategies and make them accessible to individuals seeking to improve their lives. The company's apps include Completo - the priority-based task app for freelancers; Yaldi - a KPI app for startups and small businesses; and GungHo - a data tracking app aimed at personal wellbeing. 

About Matt Girvan

My Gung Ho founder Matt Girvan worked in the automotive industry for more than a decade, including a stint in Japan where he lived and breathed the concept of "continuous improvement," before working as a consultant for various Fortune 50 companies. He now lives in Truckee, Ca and continues to consult with companies all over the world. 

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> Work and Life combined, for balance - Most task lists separate work and life into separate lists, but that's not how we live. Life is life and it includes both work and personal tasks that are often overlapping. Completo focuses on your top 10 priorities, across the board. Want to replace a family task with a work task? You can, but you'll have to think about it and make a conscious decision. It's a subtle way to emphasize work-life balance every day.

> Reminders when you want them - Getting a reminder the day something is due isn't always helpful. Watch tasks approach as they become due and opt for a reminder one or two days before.

> Subtasks - Got a complicated project or a deadline looming? Big trip coming up? Break it into discrete, manageable tasks that will keep you on track.

> Pictures and Notes - Add comments and photos to any task.

> Recurring Tasks - Set a task to automatically recur daily, on week days, weekly, or monthly.

> Visual Management - Easily scan your list and see what's late, due, and coming down the pipeline.

> Easy Date Adjustment - Running behind on a few tasks and hate seeing all that red? No problem, just swipe left and give yourself a couple more days.