CarePassport Corp.

A Boston based company – CarePassport - is on a mission to enable patients to take control of their medical records by allowing patients to aggregate, store, share and manage all their medical data including radiology images, lab results, dental, vitals, medications and more at no cost to the patient.

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About CarePassport Corp.

Based in Boston, MA, CarePassport was founded to provide a platform to offer patients direct control of their medical data.

Mohamed Shoura, Ph.D. is based in Boston and previously founded Paxeramed, Chip Truwit, MD is Minneapolis-based, having previously co-founded and invented the technology for Image-guided Neurologics, which exited to Medtronic in 2005 (MedtronicIGN), and is Chief of Radiology at Hennepin County Medical Center.

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CarePassport is a next generation Universal patient engagement platform that provides patients with a single-point of access to collect, store, share and manage their medical appointments and records.
The app allows patients to securely access their medical data or family proxies’, schedule appointments, view medical images, lab and clinical reports from different providers with the ability to download, archive and share using the most advanced mobile computing technology.

- Easy one touch access to your health data
- Find clinics and hospitals nearby you
- Get a medical appointment with a single tap
- Syncs with your device maps to drive to your appointment or arrange a ride via Uber
- View your care providers’ contact information and communicate with them via secure messaging
- Connect and share radiological studies securely with your care providers
- Authorize family members to access your medical data through secure proxy settings
- Receive educational materials related to your healthcare
- Connect with your wearable devices or input your medical data manually
- Integration with the EMR / PACS system within healthcare organizations to grab patient data
- Integration with HealthKit for retrieving the user's vital signs for sharing with the Facility physicians
- Integration with the Apple Wallet for saving the Appointment details.

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