Bla Bla Box

Bla Bla Box


The sixth app by Marbotic is now available! Bla Bla Box is an awesome sandbox to write words in a colorful way and start reading.

In this app inspired by the Montessori method and developed with schoolteachers, little kids discover the sounds of letters and can write their first words and their name. Older ones learn to write and read any word in the world. There is no limit in Bla Bla Box!

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Available to download now!

About Marbotic

Marbotic - based in France - is the result of a double passion for pedagogy and technology. The company creates and develops educational apps for children inspired by Montessori pedagogy. Moreover, the company believes that mixing digital interfaces and traditional toys leads to powerful learning experiences. Marbotic created the first wooden smart toys, Smart Numbers and Smart Letters, that interact with tablets.

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Explore Bla Bla Box to write an infinite number of words!

By combining letters together, children form syllables and even words! Bla Bla Box spells them and reads them out, just like magic!

This app is designed for children from 3 to 7 years old. It is available in 5 languages!

Bla Bla Box in an app which allows you to:
-discover letters sound
-create syllables and words
-start learning to read

This app has no advertising. Useful information can be found in a Parents’ Corner.

Bla Bla Box is a Marbotic app, a publisher that designs and creates innovative educational solutions blending sensory material and digital interfaces.

A wooden toy that interacts with tablets can be used to play with the app and stimulate the child’s senses even further!
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Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

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